You need to install the IBM iAccess drivers which you can get from the IBM website. Then configure your AS/400 datasource in windows ODBC Data Source Administrator (64 Bit). Once configured, you don't need to include any DLL's - just use using System.Data.OleDb and use the OleDb format to send SQL queries. – Mark Mar 5 '19 at 9:53
Amanda, from Ohio, wrote: I am trying to do a multiple get from a novell network to an as400 using ftp. I want to get all exe files from the network and store them in an as400 folder for backup purposes. I thought I could use the mget command but when I try this, the files go the the qgpl library instead of the folder.

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In order to overcome the above problem, iSeries provides us with the DSPPGMREF command. This command provides us with the list of the objects used by a specified program. Use this command and then take F4. Type choices and press Enter.
Nov 14, 2010 · If you want to use VBScript, create a VBScript file (say ftp.vbs) in notepad as well. The content of the script file would be as below: Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") objShell.Run "c:\windows\system32\ftp.exe -s:c:\ftp.txt", , True Set objShell = Nothing Double click on ftp.vbs and voila!

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The BB-400 provides a REST server implementation that can be used to receive and modify information. This FAQ will explain how POSTMAN, a REST API client can be used to access and change information regarding the IO line status on the BB-400. POSTMAN is one of a number of softwares used for API testing and development.
Oct 09, 2007 · Am I wrong? Can somebody give me a few words? Thanks, Angelot (1) iSeries is just a "rebranding" (ie renaming) of the AS400 under the larger eServer family of IBM servers. (2) It is doubtful the AS400 is being used just to "translate IP datagrams on an X.25 dedicated line". There must be some other application the AS400 is being used for.

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1. Use a flat file extract from the DB2 2. Use the ODBC provider. 3. Use the iSeries OLEDB provider. 4. Use the Microsoft OLEDB provider. After some initial testing between the ODBC provider and the iSeries OLEDB, I ruled out the ODBC. It is much too slow.
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When it comes to AS400 we do save our program & data objects into TAPE using SAVOBJBRM commands. But we can also take a copy of our works (program & data ...
You would need to obtain the iSeries Access for Windows client from IBM and set up an ODBC datasource on your machine. RazorSQL can then use the datasource to connect to DB2. There is an open source JDBC driver available for AS400 / iSeries called jtopen. RazorSQL can use this driver to connect to DB2.

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I have a AS400 table that contains multiple rows per person. Each row contains data concerning a transaction by the person including points assigned to each transaction. I read through all rows for one person ordered by the points. The first row with the highest points, I leave alone.
The BIG-IP iSeries platform combines software and hardware innovations that balance the need for performance, scalability, and security. The next-generation iSeries delivers record breaking, software-defined hardware performance, quick and easy programmability and ecosystem-friendly orchestration.

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When you connect to the AS/400 to configure or manage it, you will primarily be using text-based, 5250 terminal emulation, a “green screen.” Later, you can remotely use this same green screen or manage some basic areas of the AS/400 using a graphical user interface (GUI) called Operations Navigator.
May 20, 2020 · To do this you use the command DSPPTF 5770999 and then page through and look for the highest PTF starting MF99… For example: This system has OS/400 7.1 Tech Refresh (TR) 9 installed, and you can see below it that TR8, 7, 6, 5, 4 etc were previously installed. How to check DB2 version in AS400

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of the AS400 and how to use them. Topics covered afterwards will be interactive, so put on your thinking caps, and enjoy using and learning about the AS/400! Table of Contents. Topic 1: What is an i5-iSeries-AS400? Topic 2: Overview of i5-iSeries-AS/400 Commands
Profound Logic is the only IBM i modernization partner with a fully integrated solution stack to solve today’s complex business challenges. We help you innovate for the future through modernization, integration, and application development.

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Oct 06, 2011 · The use of this information or the implementation of any of these techniques is a client responsibility and depends upon the client's ability to evaluate and integrate them into the client's operational environment.
Use of AS400 The AS400 can be utilized for different business facets. Some models are designed as systems that provide resources to other computers, also known as a "server" in a network of computers, while others are set up for use with terminals or "display stations".

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The AS400, from IBM, is aimed at small to medium businesses as a full computer system. Now it is also known as ISeries. There are a number of models and configurations available.. It is a database computer which has very good connectivity to other computers & equipment. Because of its good connectivity, it is also used as a server base by many ...
As the IBM i architecture is used for mission-critical tasks particularly in industries that require extreme reliability, such as manufacturing, it is imperative to monitor and manage your IBM i servers. The architecture of the AS400 iSeries server is pretty complex and monitoring it can be cumbersome.
Check out for more techniques. Discover how to use the Work With Active Jobs command WRKACTJOB on the AS/400, iSeries and IB...
1) Filebased. In this scenario, you export the data from DB2 in some known format, say CSV, and the schema as a plan text .sql file. Then you have to fix the schema to match what is supported by MySQL and then import the data using, say, LOAD DATA INFILE, mysqlimport. You might have to massage the data a bit before importing it.
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